COSMIC Summer School: 4-8 September 2017, Leuven

Summer School in Ultrasound and Microwaves for Chemical Processing – Ultrasound & Microwave Technologies

The aim of this Summer School is to bring about 40 PhD students and postdocs together to learn and discuss about the application of ultrasound and microwaves for chemical processing. The summer school consists of 9 lectures (60 min lecture + 30 min of Q&A), 3 practical lab sessions (2h30 for each session) and a company visit to MEAM (microwave technology provider in Herk de Stad). The lecturers are world class experts.


  1. Introduction to ultrasound technology
  2. Introduction to microwave technology
  3. Ultrasound reactor characterisation
  4. Ultrasound assisted separation processes
  5. Ultrasound and microwaves catalysis
  6. Microwave enhanced inorganic chemistry
  7. Microwave enhanced organic chemistry
  8. The use of microwaves in industrial applications
  9. Combined use of ultrasound and microwaves & scaling up